Meet Our Staff

Our staff members are team tasked with running the entire conference. It is their work that guarantees the smooth running of the GDMUN conferences.

Meet the Board of Directors!


Mr. Harshan M.V.

Harshan M V is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Data Science from PSG College of Technology, India.  He has completed a variety of courses outside the classroom and achieved 91% in his CBSE 12th-grade examinations. 

Harshan is also a Radio Jockey on PSG community radio to spread goodness among the people. Furthermore, He has an endearing personality and became interested in MUNs at the age of just 14, at the age of 18, he founded this organization because he believed in the transformative power of words and the positive impact that they can have! 

Secretary General

Mr. Ayaan Shariff

Ayaan Shariff is studying at Snohomish High School and is overjoyed to be taking the position of Secretary General for GDMUN. Ayaan started his journey at just the age of 12, 4 years later Ayaan has the privilege to say that he has done MUNs across the globe. For Ayaan, MUN is his passion and he always strives for the betterment of MUN.

Outside of MUN, you will find Ayaan competing in debate tournaments, at FBLA meetings, or playing tennis. Ayaan has a passion for Public Speaking and believes that words can have an impact. Through that motto, Ayaan believes in the power of GMDUN and can't wait to see you at GDMUNHC 2024.

Director Generals

Ms. Ayushi Raj

Ayushi Raj, a distinguished student at Ryan International School in Bangalore, India, serves as a remarkable leader in both academic and extracurricular domains. Ayushi oversees the diplomatic endeavors at her school, fostering a culture of collaboration and global awareness through initiatives such as Model United Nations (MUN) conferences.

 Ayushi's leadership extends beyond the school gates, as she actively contributes to the Global Model United Nations (GDMUN) community. Ayushi has demonstrated an admirable commitment to accomplishing her tasks with excellence. Her commitment to overcoming challenges, coupled with her resilience, positions her as a commendable leader who not only strives for personal success but also actively contributes to the success of the projects and organizations she is involved in. 

Mr. Pranav Chedella

Pranav is a dedicated student studying at Jain International Residential School in India. However, starting his MUN journey in Saudi Arabia in 6th grade over the past 4 years he has seen it all. His diverse heritage and knowledge have given him a cut overall delegates. In addition to being an active member of debate clubs and business activities, he strives to be a businessman.

You may see Pranav indulging in numerous sporting activities like badminton. He is thrilled to be a part of GDMUN and can't wait to see you there!

Meet the Central Organizing Bureau (COB)

Ahmad Yama Mohammad - IT Director 

Mazar-e-Sharif, Balkh, Afghanistan

Tej Sathvik Koganti - IT Director 

Lake Stevens, United States of America 

Pavel Dumitru - IT Directior 

Snohomish, United States of America 

Meet the Executive Board 


Avi Contractor 

Mumbai, India

Pranav Vijay

Bangalore, India

Alejandra Roben