Global Diplomatic Model United Nations 

GDMUNHC will take place on June 22- 23, 2024!

What is GDMUN?

Global Diplomatic MUN is an organization that provides students with the opportunity to study the UN, and current events, and develop into active global citizens.

 There's so much more to GDMUN than just another Model UN. That's what GDMUN is all about a community of people who believe that there is always a way to make our world better. Our team offers students a chance to study the UN and current events, express their thoughts to students from other countries, and develop into active global citizens through participation in immersive simulations through Model United Nations Conferences. We welcome students of all levels who want to make the world a better place and are interested in learning about global issues! Please follow us on our social media and for more information, you can email us at: 

Our Aim

Global Diplomatic Model United Nations is a model UN aimed to solve global issues through dialogue, dialogue, and diplomacy. We strongly believe that dialogue is the language of peace, which we aim to achieve here. Through GDMUN, we hope that students will learn how crucial it is to strike a balance between their own interests and those of the larger world. The world is in dire need of solutions and we believe that students will create the most innovative ideas to face today's global challenges. 

Message from the President

Dear viewers,

 I'm incredibly proud that GDMUN has been able to successfully bring together youngsters from different countries and provide a forum for diplomatic conversations in recent years. The enthusiastic young people who take part in the GDMUN conferences have demonstrated outstanding social, economic, and political mastery. All of the members and delegates of GDMUN have the opportunity to participate and learn something new each time thanks to the setting.

 The youth lays the groundwork for development. Therefore, it becomes necessary for young people to play a prominent role in global affairs. Hence. GDMUN has strongly been a supporter of how every single voice counts. In keeping with the mission, we have young people participating in a wide range of discussions that serve as a springboard for their prospective diplomatic endeavors.

 We want to welcome more delegates to the GDMUN family in the following years. A keepsake of the unforgettable event is the cross-national and international connections and partnerships made at GDMUN. Everyone takes home a piece of the memory bank of tales and knowledge that was shared.

 I would like to thank all the delegates for participating in GDMUN and acting as change agents on behalf of the GDMUN team. Together, let's continue to take part in this adventure of future leaders.

Harshan M.V.


Global Diplomatic Model United Nations 

Message from the Secretary General

Dear Prospective Delegates, Sponsors, and Chairpersons,

I'd like to cordially invite you to the Global Diplomatic Model United Nations Conference on behalf of the Secretariat and The Board of Directors.

 I have the distinction of leading GDMUN as its secretary general. The youth lays the groundwork for development. Therefore, it becomes necessary for young people to play a prominent role in global affairs. Therefore, GDMUN has ardently defended the idea that every voice counts. In keeping with our advocacy, we want young people to participate in a variety of discussions that will pave the way for their future diplomatic endeavors.

 Making this MUN conference the best it can be for all of you is something that our entire team is extremely passionate about. We anticipate that conference attendees will find it helpful in pursuing their interest in global affairs through participation in high-level debate and launching stimulating conversations through speakers and panels. 

Please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for joining us; it is with full sincerity that I look forward to seeing you at our conference.

 Best regards,

Ayaan Shariff


Global Diplomatic Model United Nations